3rd International TCM Conference in Manchester 2018

3rd International TCM Conference in Manchester 2018

The 3rd International TCM Conference Manchester was successfully held on Sunday 13th May 2018

By Prof. Sun Peilin, translating and editing Chris Mcdermott and Robert Rozagorski

This month (May), the weather in the United Kingdom is bright and sunny and this matched our feelings.

In this wonderful season, the City of Manchester welcomed experts and scholars from several European countries and also the ‘Alumni of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ to the 3rd International TCM Conference organized by the Southern China European Alumni Association.

Based on the success of the previous two International Chinese Medicine Conferences Manchester, the 3rd Conference was based on the theme of “Let Chinese Medicine move towards the whole world and promote health to benefit all people” and discuss issues related to the classical theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the clinical practice experience of modern Chinese Medicine.

On the evening of May 12, 2018, more than 60 Chinese Medicine colleagues and guests dressed in formal suits, arrived cheerfully at the Holiday Inn in the centre of the City of Manchester (United Kingdom), for the opening ceremony of the Conference.

Message from President Tang Shulan

The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Tianjun Wang, Secretary-General of the Southern China European Alumni Association. President Tang Shulan opened the Ceremony with her speech and she thanked the experts, scholars and alumni for attending.

Chinese Consul General in Manchester City Sun Dali

Chinese Consul General Sun Dali and his wife Ms. An Sheng along with Lu Xiaomei and Mr. Zhang Hui were very quick to express their enthusiasm towards the experts and representatives attending. They congratulated them and wished the Conference every success.


Prof. Peilin Sun reveals Southern Chinese Congratulatory Letter 

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine also sent a letter congratulating the success of the conference. The congratulatory letter points out that as an important part of traditional medicine, the emphasis is placed on grasping the state of health as a whole, focusing on individualization, highlighting the treatment of diseases, exact clinical curative effects, flexible treatment methods and outstanding health care functions. It is a unique resource for health services in various countries. The efficacy and role of Chinese Medicine in the prevention and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, chronic diseases and major diseases are increasingly recognized and accepted by the international community. Convinced that Confucius believes that through the exchange of the conference, it is of great significance to strengthen exchanges and cooperation among alumni, between alumni and their alma mater and between international experts and scholars of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.

Prof. Jiang Dan congratulated

 Prof. Jiang Dan of the European Alumni Association of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Prof. Nie Hui, President of the European Alumni Association of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chairman of the German Society of Chinese Medicine Qi Chunhua, both delivered warm greetings. I sincerely hope that the conference will be a success again. Their speeches reviewed from different angles, the outstanding achievements and leading academic status of the Southern Chinese European Alumni in promoting and developing the cause for Chinese Medicine in Europe. They all praised the high quality teaching and overseas influence of the South China Traditional Chinese Medicine Center and Shulan College. The wonderful speeches in both Chinese and English have won applause.

Chairman Chunhua congratulated on his speech


Prof. Nie Hui congratulated the speech…

The real highlight of the opening ceremony was the Consul General Sun Dali. In addition to highly praising the great significance of this International TCM conference, organized by the Southern China European Alumni Association and reciting a poem, “Between Heaven and Earth” on the spot (expressing the differences and the similarities between Chinese and Western cultures), points out the exchanges of Chinese and Western cultures and the tacit understanding of humanities in the form of poetry.

Immediately afterwards, his performance of the Italian song “O Sole Mio” immediately enlivened guests, experts and scholars alike. Then, the Xinjiang song “The Girl of Osaka Castle”, which he improvised to sing along with Professor Jiang Dan’s graceful dance, had everyone enthused, whilst cheering and applauding for him.


Masters perform Qigong for everyone

The “Yijin Jing” Qigong performance by Master Dr. Yuhong Xie and his Apprentice Robert Rozagorski, began with a wonderful musical sound and at once they brought everyone into a quiet and laid-back feeling. The atmosphere was then suddenly calm and this show really demonstrated the effects of Chinese Medicine. The significant functions of physical health and preventive care have been vividly presented to all experts and scholars here.

In addition, the manager of China Taiping Insurance Company Yuan Jing Hong, sponsored gifts and flowers, adding to the joy of the conference.


The Shulan College & Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, 2018 Master’s & PhD Degree Students

It is worthwhile to note that at the time of the, the Master’s and PhD Degree Students from Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in partnership with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, also came to Manchester to take receive Lectures and take part in further training for their course. These Students and Lecturers also participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Conference, with everyone feeling enthusiastic about the forthcoming events. Some of the students also gave performances, adding to the already wonderful atmosphere.

Professor Yang Guanhu presents his Keynote Speech

The South China University of Traditional Chinese Alumni Association invited Professor Yang Guanhu from the United States to make the Keynote Speech at the Conference.

They also invited famous European professors and experts to share their experiences and knowledge and discuss topics such as promoting Chinese Medicine around the world.

On the morning of May 13, more than 60 experts and scholars attended the conference and listened to the wonderful presentations. The guest speaker at the Opening Ceremony was Professor Yang Guanhu, a Southern Chinese Alumnus from the United States. He presented his research on the Clinical Condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Prof. Guan Hu not only compiled solid theoretical explanations from the TCM Classic Texts but also elaborated on the diagnostic criteria and subsequent treatment plans from a Clinical perspective. He also brought this common condition into the perspective of Chinese Medicine, with consideration to the cognitive processes of the mind and guided everyone to consider modern emotional factors. Emotional factors play an important role in the process of disease and specifically how to accurately treat this common condition.

Prof. ShuLan then presented the ‘Yin and Yang Regulation of the Gynecological Menstruation Cycle and Infertility’ for everyone with the following Professor’s also making their presentations therafter…

Prof. Shulan

Prof. Chen Zanyu

Prof. Sun Peilin

Prof. Jiang Dan

Prof. Zhao Kaicun

Prof. Wang Tianjun

After the Presentations by all the Professors, the 3rd International TCM Conference Manchester 2018, organised by the Southern China European Alumni Association under the care and support of the leaders of the Southern Chinese Medicine School, with the support of more than a dozen employees from the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine (and further support of relevant organisations) under the meticulous guidance of the Professors, the Conference Schedule was successfully completed.

The sky was still covered with beautiful sunlight, pedestrians on the streets were still enjoying a relaxed weekend. The Conference had entered its final stage and the European Alumni Association announced its successful conclusion.

We look forward to the next Conference for everyone to meet again. City of Manchester, thank you and goodbye! We are looking forward to the next event!!

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