Acupuncture Diploma


This course is aimed at anybody who wishes to learn Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and become a fully qualified Acupuncturist. The course begins from scratch, with no prior knowledge needed and will give the student the ability to practice a unique whole medical system.

Our Acupuncture Courses are ideal for practitioners in other bodywork therapies such as massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy who want to expand their range and grow their practice as well as the aspiring acupuncturist who is looking to practice TCM for the first time and wants the best training available to start their career.

The power of Acupuncture to restore the health of both body and mind is a way of life in the Far East and is now recognised throughout the Western world for its ability to treat a variety of ailments and to change people’s lives for the better.

Unit Name Date Assignments
Acupuncture Year 1
Yin and Yang/Five Elements (Wu Xing) ACU 01 0
Vital Substances/Zang Fu Theory ACU 02 0
Zang Fu Relationships/Jing Luo Theory ACU 03 0
Causes Of Disease/Jing Luo Palpation ACU 04 0
Introduction to TCM Diagnosis ACU 05 0
Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis & Palpation ACU 06 0
‘The 4 Pillars of TCM Diagnosis’ & ‘The Eight Principles of TCM Diagnosis’ ACU 07 0
Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis & Palpation ACU 08 0
TCM Diagnostics Diagnosis by Inquiry & Consultation ACU 09 0
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Lung & Large Intestine Syndromes ACU 10 0
TCM Acupuncture The Command Points ACU 011 1
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Spleen & Stomach Syndromes ACU 012 1
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Heart & Small Intestine Syndromes ACU 013 1

Important Dates

  • All day
3rd International TCM Conference in Manchester

Our School celebrating National Parent Involvement Day on December 3.