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Now Accredited by the CMA – *NEW COURSE STARTS* – 19th April 2018


Acupuncture Courses



> Why study Acupuncture Courses at Shulan College?

The Shulan College of Chinese Medicine is one of the top Chinese Medicine colleges in the UK. Our Acupuncture Courses are ideal for practitioners in other bodywork therapies such as massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy who want to expand their range and grow their practice as well as the aspiring acupuncturist who is looking to practice TCM for the first time and wants the best training available to start their career. The power of Acupuncture to restore the health of both body and mind is a way of life in the Far East and is now recognised throughout the Western world for its ability to treat a variety of ailments and to change people’s lives for the better.

Acupuncture helps patients to recover their physical and mental harmony and is often used to treat conditions such as lower back pain, headaches and osteoarthritis. It is also frequently used to help people with infertility issues and those who suffer with asthma and anxiety.

The Shulan College of Chinese Medicine provides high quality Acupuncture training which is aimed at the building of successful careers in Acupuncture and the running of a thriving practice. The courses are well structured and helps students to develop their confidence and Acupuncture skills through a mixture of theory and practical exercises.

> What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical practice that dates back to China at least 2,500 years, it was a large component of their
health-care system and it was based on the knowledge that there are patterns of energy flow throughout the body called Qi that were essential for good health. Any disruption or blockages to these patterns are thought to be the reason for disease, the general theory is that Acupuncture can correct the imbalances in the flow of energy when needles are placed at certain points on the body that allow Qi to flow freely again. Acupuncture, if done correctly has the power to change peoples lives through restoring the body and mind.

Acupuncture is becoming ever more popular in the UK and other western countries and the opportunities to learn and practice it have never been greater than they are now. Many governing bodies like the British Health Organisation, World Health Organisation and the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK view Acupuncture as an official form of natural alternative medicine.

> How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture promotes self healing by stimulating the sites where Qi is said to gather and distribute the energy flow through the meridians (Qi pathways), these are known as Acupuncture points or acupoints. The most common method of stimulating acupoints is with fine sterile needles injected into the skin, other methods include heat therapy, moxibustion and cupping. Acupuncture can release blocked Qi which evokes the bodies natural healing response, by stimulating various acupoints, Acupuncture can help soothe pain, improve sleep, relieve bone inflammation and improve digestive functions.

> Who can Apply?

The Acupuncture course is aimed at anybody who wishes to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, and become a fully qualified Acupuncturist. The course begins from scratch, with no prior knowledge needed, and will give the student the ability to practice a unique whole medical system.

This Acupuncture diploma is also an excellent course for those already trained in other bodywork therapies such as massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, or non bodywork therapies such as herbal medicine.

> Course Syllabus

The Acupuncture course will provide an excellent foundation in both the theory and application of Acupuncture, as well as comprehensive clinical experience. During the course you will benefit from developing your knowledge of Chinese medicine and the skills you will need to be a successful acupuncturist in the UK.

Many people who attend our acclaimed Acupuncture Courses have experienced the benefits of Acupuncture treatment themselves and are now motivated to learn how they can help others benefit from this extraordinary treatment.

We also have many other health-care professionals who join the course because they are looking to widen the scope of their work or train in a therapy which complements the other treatments that they offer. Whatever your reason for attending the course, you can be rest assured that you will receive the highest quality training and be well prepared for launching your Acupuncture practice.

> What does the Course cover ?

  •  The history, development, and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  •  The Methods of TCM Diagnosis, including Tongue, Pulse, and Facial diagnosis
  •  Syndrome Differentiation of Signs and Symptoms Acupuncture Point Location and Needling Techniques
  •  The Practice of Acupuncture & Supporting Therapies (such as Cupping & Moxibustion)
  •  Case Studies and The Treatment of Common Conditions seen in the Clinic
  •  The lectures will contain a mix of both theory and practical application, and will enable the student to become a competent Acupuncturist, and enable the student to go onto other modalities of TCM such as Chinese Herbal Medicine.

*Please note that Anatomy and Physiology is a pre or co-requisite for this course.  Arrangements can be made for those wishing to take Anatomy and Physiology alongside the Acupuncture Diploma.

> The Teaching Clinics

Clinical experience is essential to learning TCM by allowing students to observe real cases, and witness full treatments, from consultation to treatment outcomes.  Our teaching clinics are open 7 days per week, and are fully flexible so that our students can fit their clinical hours around their own commitments.

> Acupuncture Course Details  

Start Date: 19th April 2018

Duration: 2 years part time – 22 days per year plus clinical observation

Cost: £3500 per year, payable via instalments at each session. A deposit of £300 is required to secure your place on our course (redeemable against the cost of the course) and a £500 discount is available if paid in full upfront. Meaning you can save up to £1000 if you pay the fee for both years in full, upfront.

Location: ShuLan College of Chinese Medicine, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QA

> How to Apply

Please download our application form here and return it to us by email at info@shulancollege.co.uk, or fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page by clicking here.

Alternatively, email us at info@shulancollege.co.uk and we will send an application form for you to fill in. Or call us on +44 (0)161 438 2887 and speak to us directly.

> Options after study

Once you have qualified as an Acupuncture Practitioner you will be able to embark on a very rewarding career and bring help to patients with a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.

As a natural system of medicine, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture dates back over two thousand years and research has demonstrated that as well as being effective in alleviating symptoms of patients, it is also well  known for enhancing the well-being of the patient and making them feel a greater sense of vitality and ability to resist illness. In this respect, Acupuncture can offer significant complementary benefits to Western medicines.

Many of our students have gone on to open clinics and host Acupuncture Courses themselves after being taught at our college, you can also use Acupuncture to help relax your friends and family without them having to turn to chemical medication such as headache pills.

> There are several ways to practice Acupuncture in the UK such as:

  •  Running a practice from home or business premises
  •  Working in a group practice
  •  Working with other complementary practice
  •  Working in a GP practice
  •  Working in a hospice
  •  Working with other medical practitioners and offering Acupuncture as a complementary medicine

*The number of patients seeking Acupuncture treatment continues to grow and for people who are looking to set up an Acupuncture practice, attending the Acupuncture diploma course will provide the necessary training and experience required to build a successful practice.

> Continuing study options

Students who have completed the 2 year Acupuncture Course are eligible for the Masters Degree program, or they may opt for our other Chinese medicine courses such as Tuina or Chinese herbal medicine. We offer continuing professional development (CPD) for those that have completed their course but wish to maintain their skills and knowledge.

> Acupuncture Course Accreditation

Acupuncture Courses Shulan CollegeOur Acupuncture Courses are fully accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) for delivering excellence in complementary medicine courses.