TCM Theory & Diagnostics

Tuina, Acupuncture

What is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Theory & Diagnostics ?

Clinical assessment, diagnostics, theories and treatments and all principles based on the theoretical frameworks of TCM which seeks to understand why the body has become dysfunctional or become unhealthy. TCM Theory & Diagnostics focuses on understanding the underlying symptoms of the body and finding out ways to treat the condition, in order to do this we must understand Yin-Yang, the five zang organs, six fu organs, understanding Qi and how it flows through the meridians and many other therapeutic principles.

How does TCM Theory & Diagnostics work ?

TCM Theory & Diagnostics works by trying to understand many different theories about how the body can stay healthy and have the correct balance of natural chemicals. By understanding these theories we are able to put them into practice through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicines, massages and many other types of traditional Chinese medicine.

Why should I study TCM Theory & Diagnostics at Shulan College?

The TCM Theory & Diagnostics course at the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine provides a unique opportunity for aspiring individuals to pursue a possible career path towards Acupuncture or as a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner.  It is a challenging yet rewarding career path to pursue and the TCM Theory & Diagnostics course will offer beginners a route in to a unique industry, opening up many doors for further study and careers. The course is considered as a stepping stone onto one of our more advanced course that requires basic knowledge and understanding of the TCM Theory & Diagnostics, enabling you to gain a place onto one of our more bespoke course; Acupuncture, Tuina or Herbal Medicine.

Who can apply for the TCM Theory & Diagnostics Course ?

The TCM Theory & Diagnostics course is open to anyone who would like to learn traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese philosophy and can access students onto our other courses such as Tuina, Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. We aspire for students to have a keen interest in one of the courses available, with the potential of pursuing a career into one of the fields of study.


Unit Name Date Assignments
Yin and Yang/Five Elements (Wu Xing) FCM 01 0
Vital Substances/Zang Fu Theory FCM 01 0
Zang Fu Relationships/Jing Luo Theory FCM 03 0
Causes Of Disease/Jing Luo Palpation FCM 04 0
Introduction to TCM Diagnosis FCM 05 0
Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis & Palpation FCM 06 0
‘The 4 Pillars of TCM Diagnosis’ & ‘The Eight Principles of TCM Diagnosis’ FCM 07 0
Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis & Palpation FCM 08 0
TCM Diagnostics Diagnosis by Inquiry & Consultation FCM 09 0
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Lung & Large Intestine Syndromes FCM 010 0
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Spleen & Stomach Syndromes FCM 011 0
TCM Syndrome Differentiation Heart & Small Intestine Syndromes FCM 012 0


Important Dates

  • All day
3rd International TCM Conference in Manchester

Our School celebrating National Parent Involvement Day on December 3.