Tui Na Students’ Graduation 11/3/2017

Tui Na Students’ Graduation 11/3/2017

After 6 month study, all of our 8 Students have successfully attained a Diploma in Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage).

Why should I study the Tuina Diploma at Shulan College ?

Tuina or ‘Tui Na’ is a form of Chinese medical massage that branches itself out as one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine studies. Along with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Qi Gong, Tuina plays a fundamental part in powering our life energy called ‘Qi’, heavily relied upon for our everyday actions, but often disrupted as a result of stress. Shulan College offers a Tuina Diploma which is a unique and engaging medical massage.

By undertaking this bespoke course at The Shulan College of Chinese Medicine you will gain experience within one of the most unique careers to pursue, with teachings from some of the the most experienced professionals in the industry. The Tuina Diploma will give you the satisfaction of improving a clients well being and quality of life, often associated with aiding musculo-skeletal problems that can restrict ones livelihood.

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