Meet Our Teachers

Our Lecturers

Since our establishment in 1993, the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been growing in order to keep up with class demands. With our courses being offered than ever before and bespoke facilities being built, we have acquired some of the most experienced professionals within the industry, all having a different path prior to arriving to us. Browse through each of other personnel’s profiles below and see how their knowledge and experience within different fields can help you pursue your dream career:
Prof. Shulan Tang
Herbal Medicine
Dr. Kaicun Zhao
Herbal Medicine
Prof. Peilin Sun
Shang Han Lun
Guanhu Yang
Tian-Jun Wang
Masters/Phd Course Director
John Gradwell
Tuina, Acupuncture
Andrew Edwards
Professor Shiwei Zhou
Acupuncture, Tuina

Senior Leadership Team

Title Name Contact
Principal Ms Shulan Tang
College Admin Mr Chris McDermoth
Phd/Masters Coordinator Ms Xir Rong Yuan


Yes, on certification of our Diploma Courses you will be eligible for Professional Practitioner’s Insurance with companies such as Balens whom we strongly recommend.

Yes, all our Courses from Diploma Level to PhD level are fully Accredited. Our Diploma Courses are fully Accredited by the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) and the Complementary Medical Association. Our Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD Courses are Awarded and fully Accredited by the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

Our courses are as follows:

TCM Theory & Diagnostics – 1 Year (2 Classes per month)

Tui Na (Medical Massage) Diploma – 6 Months (2 Classes per month)

Acupuncture Diploma – 2 Years (2 Classes & 2 Training days per month)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma – 2 Years (1 Class per month)

Bachelor’s Degree of Chinese Medicine – 5 Years (4 Classes per month)

Master’s & PhD Degree – 3 Years (4 Classes per month)