Warm Visit of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

On Tuesday,26th June 2018, a lovely day with summer gentle breeze, the visiting group of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine came to visit ShuLan College with one leader, Cehua Zhang, deputy director of University Administrative Council of NJUCM, Zhengxing Lin,  Director of Audit Office of NJUCM and Jue Wang, Executive Deputy of Medical and Humanistic […]

University Partnership: Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Official Visit of JiangSu Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and JiangSu Hospital of Chinese Medicine

On 18th June 2018, the Sunny day of Dragon Boat Festival, the visiting group of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,HuaiYang Cuisine and Jiangsu Hospital of Chinese Medicine came to visit ShuLan College of Chinese Medicine. There are six members of this visiting group to pay the visit. This visiting group includes one leader, Xu Kai Xin, Vice-director […]

A Journey to Distance Education of Chinese Medicine

by: Xiao Ying Peng Since Chinese government starts to develop “The Belt and Road strategic Project”, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (Short for TCM) has been chosen as a major field to develop throughout the whole Europe and the world because TCM has been accepted gradually by many patients who come from different countries. Shulan College […]

A Tour For Overseas Chinese Media 2018 – Jiangsu Hospital Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Summary and objectives. To deepen the roots of Chinese medicine overseas (outside of China), providing excellent level of service in Traditional Chinese Medicine education. Also, developing international trade in Chinese medicine, opening an online Chinese medicine clinic, and intensifying academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation with overseas hospitals. Continuously improve the level and image of […]