A Tour For Overseas Chinese Media 2018 – Jiangsu Hospital Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Summary and objectives. To deepen the roots of Chinese medicine overseas (outside of China), providing excellent level of service in Traditional Chinese Medicine education. Also, developing international trade in Chinese medicine, opening an online Chinese medicine clinic, and intensifying academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation with overseas hospitals. Continuously improve the level and image of […]

3rd International TCM Conference in Manchester 2018

The 3rd International TCM Conference Manchester was successfully held on Sunday 13th May 2018 By Prof. Sun Peilin, translating and editing Chris Mcdermott and Robert Rozagorski This month (May), the weather in the United Kingdom is bright and sunny and this matched our feelings. In this wonderful season, the City of Manchester welcomed experts and […]

Master & PhD Study Opening Ceremony 24/02/2017

Around 15 Master and PhD students attended face to face seminar on Feb 24 – 26 at Shulan College.   Students are not only came from UK, but also from USA, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands.   The seminar had been held successfully and got positive feedback from students. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. […]

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The Workshop focused on Dr. Templeton’s The Jareks, adapted by Edward Ford and brought to the stage by Nathan Xavier.

Ling Gui Ba Fa on 03/09/2017

The Schools’ Club works with 40 schools across London for the duration of the Theatre’s season.