Despite Acupuncture being a 2200 year old practice it is being proven to still be an increasingly effective method of treatment in the modern day. Whilst many are skeptical of the benefits a tiny needle or two can provide, there are more and more studies being carried out around the world showing promising results of this ancient practice for all kinds of ailments.

When it is claimed that Acupuncture can improve your health from head to toe it is quite literal as studies have shown that with as little as 20 sessions of electro acupuncture in the space of 4 weeks can drastically reduce the number of migraines experienced each month. Whilst electro acupuncture sounds like a frightening treatment it is simply a process in which a very small electric current is applied to the hair thin acupuncture needles.

Sinus issues can also be treated as studies have also shown positive results for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. A specific study showed that with 12 acupuncture sessions hay fever symptoms subsided and allowed patients to use antihistamines less often. A similar study also showed that 10 sessions of acupuncture over the course of a month was able to treat acid reflux disease and was able to soothe heartburn better than medication.

Another key area that acupuncture treatments have been found to be highly effective in treating is individuals’ sleep and their mood. In terms of sleep acupuncture has been shown to increase the production of neurotransmitters which aid with relaxation and sleep. This type of treatment has proved especially effective with individuals who suffer from insomnia. A lack of sleep amongst other internal and external factors can effect ones mood but once again acupuncture has notoriously proved effective in aiding this.

Treatments once a week over a period of three months has been found to help sufferers of depression more so than the results collected from counseling. The needles work by focusing on specific pin point areas of the body which will help promote the regulation of neurotransmitters than release endorphins into the brain.

Not only can treatments help with general bodily issues but also with more specific problems effecting individuals. Weight for example is a problem which effects individuals in different ways but studies have shown that acupuncture has helped obese adults in losing up to 9 pounds over a span of 2 week to 4 months. Menopause is another issue which effects women individually in varying ways but with the help of acupuncture studies have shown that the frequency and severity of hot flashes can be drastically reduced for up to 3 months after treatment. You can also deal with many body issues with Chinese Medicine.