Teaching Staff


Prof. Peilin Sun

Since our establishment in 1993, the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been growing in order to keep up with class demands. With our courses being offered than ever before and bespoke facilities being built, we have acquired some of the most experienced professionals within the industry, all having a different path prior to arriving to us. Browse through each of other personnel’s profiles below and see how their knowledge and experience within different fields can help you pursue your dream career:

1990 till present, lecturing TCM in Belgium, UK and other European countries.

2013, guest professor at Nanjing University of TCM, China.

2000, guest professor at Guangxi University of TCM and Jiangxi college of TCM, China.

1988 – 1990 Lecturer in Nanjing University of TCM.

Sun Peilin, finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. His publications include “Bi syndrome or rheumatic diseases treated by TCM”, “The treatment of pain with Chinese herbs and acupuncture”, “The management of post operative pain with acupuncture” and “Sports medicine in TCM”.