Teaching Staff


Robert Rozagorski

Since our establishment in 1993, the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been growing in order to keep up with class demands. With our courses being offered than ever before and bespoke facilities being built, we have acquired some of the most experienced professionals within the industry, all having a different path prior to arriving to us. Browse through each of other personnel’s profiles below and see how their knowledge and experience within different fields can help you pursue your dream career:

2001 – 2004 – University Of Gdansk, Poland

2011 – Level 3 Certification in Personal Training

2012 – Founder of Bodimprove Health Company

2018 – Tuina Medical Massage Diploma

I have been training martial arts since the age of 12, that’s 22 years. At the age of 16, I met Sifu Sławomir Pawłowski, under whose direction I started training Shaolin Luohan Quan and many other Shaolin styles. I also had my first contact with Qigong and Taiji. Under his supervision, I studied qigong systems: Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, Shaolin Luohan Shi Ba Shou, Shaolin Yi Jin Jing, introductory exercises to the Xi Sui Jing system, Shi Er Da Jin Gong and Shaolin system Luohan Zhuang Kung as well as Taiji 24 Yang Style. In 2016, I made my first visit to Llandudno where I studied Guo Lin Qigong under supervision of Dr Xie. I visited Dr Xie on several occasions to perfect my style of teaching and in 2017 I had the great honour to become His Tudi and train continuously every day for over six months learning following medical Qigong systems: Five Animal Frolics, The Six Syllable Formula, Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic, Five Elements Palm, Health Preserving Qigong, Internal Nourishing Qigong, Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan Qigong, Taiji 24 forms, Taiji 42 forms with medical applications. Under Dr Xie, I also studied theories and clinical applications of Medical Qigong.