Over 20 years of experience, take a look for yourself

Since our establishment in 1993, the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been growing in order to keep up with class demands. With more courses being offered than ever before and bespoke facilities being built, we have acquired some of the most experienced professionals within the industry, all having a different path prior to arriving to us. Browse through each of other personnel’s profiles below and see how their knowledge and experience within different fields can help you pursue your dream career:

Prof. Shulan Tang | College Principal, Lecturer

Shulan completed 8 years training (1979-1987) at the prestigious Nanjing and Beijing TCM Univeristies, attaining a Bachelor degree, followed by a Master degree in Medicine. She completed a 3 years research of Chinese Herbal Prescription under one of the most famous TCM Professor; Mian Zhi Wang.

Shulan was Head Physician at South East University, China, for four years until 1991.  With over 20 years of Clinical and Teaching experience in the UK and Europe, Professor Tang continues sharing her knowledge with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Shulan received her Professorship from Nanjing TCM University and is Vice President of the renowned World federation of Chinese Medicine specialising in Gynaecology, and Vice President of Pan-European federation of consultant in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was an Academic Executive of the association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM) from 1998 to 2008, and chief editor of Journal of the ATCM from 2002 to 2008, and President of ATCM from 2016.

You may know more about Shulan from media links: About TCM; Fu Qing Zhu – Treatise on Gynaecology

PROF. PEILIN SUN | Head of Masters/PhD Degree Programmes, Lecturer

Professor Sun has been engaged in TCM clinical practice and teaching for more than thirty years. He used to give lectures at the International Acupuncture Training Center, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after his graduation from his Masters study in 1988. In September 1989, he was invited by the Belgian doctors’ Acupuncture Association to give a number of seminars and lectures.  Currently Prof. Sun teaches in Belgium and other European countries whilst also a visiting professor at a number of China Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and tutor on the Masters degree programme.  While working in China, Prof. Sun published more than twenty articles. Since moving to Belgium, he has published more than thirty articles in different international medical journals.

 Mr. Clifford Mao | Operation Manager

With Bachelor Degree in 1993, Clifford Mao trained and worked in the USA during 1996 – 1997.  After 10 years professional working experience with multinational companies, Clifford worked as Vice GM with a private consultancy company for 10 years.  

As a senior manager, Clifford focus on operation management, recruitment and training management.

Dr GaoDr Richard Gao | Clinic Supervisor

Dr. Richard Gao graduated from Nanjing TCM University in 1985 with a Bachelor Degree before entering the Chinese Internal Medicine Higher Class course in 1986. In 1990 he started to work as an internal medicine physician in the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiangsu Province. He had published several papers in many renowned medical magazines such as ‘Jiangsu Chinese Medicine’ and ‘New Chinese Medicine’.

Richard was promoted to the position of physician-in-charge in 1993 and became a vice chief physician in 2000. He worked as a director in several different departments including as internal medicine, paediatrics and clinic. Richard has used all of his experience and training to develop his own diagnostic and treating method, which is now being applied on a wide variety of medical challenges and rare illnesses in various fields, such as internal medicine, gynaecology and paediatrics.

Dr MLDr Mu Lan | Clinic Supervisor, Herbal Dispensary

Dr. Mulan trained for 9 years in the two most prestigious universities in China. She was awarded the Bachelor Degree in 1990 at Beijing TCM University and her Masters in Chinese Medicine at First Military Medical University in 2004. She was Deputy Consultant physician of the department of internal medicine in the Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital and 518 hospital in Xi An.

She further trained in the department of Kidney Internal Medicine in Xijing hospital and pediatrics in Tang Gu hospital at Fourth Military Medical University. Dr Mulan came to the UK to practice as a TCM doctor in 2007. Mulan has a wealth of experience in treating internal diseases, TCM Theory & Diagnostics, and she is a fellow member of the ATCM.

mxMr. Michael Xie | College Administrator, Wholesale Manager

Michael is the college administrator, and runs the reception at the Shulan College and Clinic.  He is also the wholesale manager, so if you would like to order any TCM products, please contact Michael on 0161 448 1233.