Warm Visit of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Warm Visit of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

On Tuesday,26th June 2018, a lovely day with summer gentle breeze, the visiting group of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine came to visit ShuLan College with one leader, Cehua Zhang, deputy director of University Administrative Council of NJUCM, Zhengxing Lin,  Director of Audit Office of NJUCM and Jue Wang, Executive Deputy of Medical and Humanistic Educatiob Base of NJUCM.

Professor Shulan Tang on behalf of Shulan College with five members of Shulan College held a warm reception at the main Hall of Shulan College Campus. The official visiting group and Shulan College enthusiastically express how much excitement and happiness to see each other. First both sides introduced each other and showed their common interests and communicate with each other on the most concerned topics. They discussed what co-operation and how both sides can do well for each other in order to reach better joint work in high education of undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Professor Shulan Tang introduced Shulan College’s History and development to the visiting group and showed them what achievements Shulan College have gained. Professor Zhang showed their warmth and strength of its teaching and research capability and abundant school-running experience in order to establish a high standard Two-class University. Then Dr. Wang Jie introduced enthusiastically there are a nine year system of joint education of bachelor,Master and Ph.D. Programs  and a eight year system of Joint education of Bachelor and Master Program which can allow graduates directly to start their clinical experiences after finishing programs. Medical Standardization and how well to combine Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs are other academic topics to be shared by both sides. In order to strengthen the capability of expanding and spreading one of our traditional Chinese culture–Chinese medicine in the world, the accommodation could be provided to overseas students and native students stayed together which could be easy for all students to exchange ideas and thoughts, learn Chinese and English and also to combine Chinese and English Classical culture. Professor Shulan showed all the members of the visiting group around the whole campus of Shulan College.

Eventually both sides exchange presents and souvenirs and took photos together to strengthen their strong friendship and cooperation.

Farewell ceremony for both sides made everyone memorise all the unforgettable moments during this visit. Both sides wish the strong friendship could be ever-lasting and wish every success of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Shulan College in the coming years!

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