As the New Year approaches everyone wants to be able to set a goal that will be slightly more achievable than their past failed attempts of resolutions. Most people feel that to feel healthier, get in shape and to eat better is unattainable but what they don’t know is that by allowing acupuncture to influence their life choices they can achieve all of these things.

By using the simple traditional theories behind acupuncture to influence your everyday decisions you can help improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. These are just some of the ways in which you can do this;

One of the simplest things you can do is to go out for a walk and allow yourself to relax. Whilst acupuncture awakens your body, going for a walk has a similar effect, allowing your body to have better circulation. You should allow yourself to breathe deeply and move at a pace that your body feels comfortable at to create a natural rhythm.

Another aspect of your life you might want to reconsider is how much time you spend on your phone. As a society we have become obsessed with checking our phones all of the time as if we cannot bear to be alone with our own thoughts. Acupuncture forces you to pay attention to the areas of your body you have been blocking out and in this sense by putting down your phone you are forced to pay attention to the real issues you are trying to block out.

By simply buying less stuff you can implement some of the teachings of traditional acupuncture and feel better in yourself. We live in an increasingly materialistic world where nothing is ever enough and we have to keep buying things that if we were honest, we don’t really need. If you begin to focus on what you do have as opposed to what you don’t the gap which you are trying to fill will begin to disappear and you can develop a more positive outlook.

We often also forget that our emotions are tied to our physical as well as mental well-being and simply stopping and looking at the situation you are in can often bring peace. Slowing down and being patient is very hard for people in such a fast paced world and it is why people find acupuncture hard to do, because it is a slow process. There is no quick fix but by taking time for yourself to just stop, analyse the situation and breathe you will feel more at peace in yourself.

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