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Welcome to the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine

Are you fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine and its natural applications? Perhaps you have recently experienced the benefits from Acupuncture or herbal medicine, and are now eager to learn the skills for yourself? Or maybe you’re already a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who wishes to broaden your horizons with new skills, or refresh your knowledge with our CPD courses? Whatever path you wish to take with Shulan College you can be assured that we’re passionate in helping you achieve your potential in becoming part of a hugely rewarding profession.

Devoted to teaching Chinese medicine for over 20 years, we’re privileged to be one of the top Chinese medicine colleges in the UK. Shulan College provides courses in a number of disciplines; AcupunctureTuina Medical MassageTCM Theory & Diagnostics and Chinese Herbal MedicineEstablished in 1993 by Prof. Shulan Tang, the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been at the forefront of education in the industry ever since, promoting high standard training for students throughout the UK and Europe. With excellent facilities, our college is located on Parrs Wood Road in Didsbury Manchester, providing the ideal learning environment for both newcomers and more experienced personnel within TCM. 


Our courses are accessible for all types of students. Based in Didsbury Manchester, the college allows TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners, as well as those wanting to begin their journey into the world of TCM, to further their knowledge and expand their practice. After graduation we can support your TCM journey further with advice (such as opening your own Acupuncture clinic) from our experienced practitioners, or through attending CPD courses to expand your current knowledge. Our college includes:

  • Three bespoke training rooms
  • Three treatment rooms
  • A clinic
  • A consultation room
  • Herbal dispensary
  • Sufficient parking facilities for all

Shulan College of Chinese Medicine has been accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) since July 2012 and is now in the process of securing accreditation from some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK & Europe. We ensure that our courses are always of top quality and aim to provide the best possible education for our students as a stepping stone towards their career aspirations.

Take a look at the courses offered here at Shulan College of Chinese Medicine and kick start your new career path in 2018. 

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University Partnership


The Shulan College of Chinese Medicine is in partnership with the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, the world’s most prestigious TCM university.  We are the first college outside of China to be able to offer Masters and PhD programmes approved by the university, taught fully outside of China.

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Thank you Shulan College for such a fantastic course. The quality of teaching and amount of content is exactly right for a beginner, I can’t stress enough how well the course is structured and how each professor has their own unique teaching style. I love how they were so prompt in their emails and communication when considering my application…

Rachel E

TCM Theory Student, 2016

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Shulan is a great place to study, the whole college has a positive vibe and the tutors are extremely passionate about their work. The acupuncture course was delivered by lecturers with years of knowledge behind them, the teaching was excellent and I guarantee anyone interested in Chinese medicine will benefit…

Mark W

Acupuncture Student, 2015

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